Entrepreneurial Spirit Helps Cardinals Win The World Series

What An Entrepreneur Can Learn From The Cardinals

Whether you are a baseball fan or not, you had to be impressed with the Cardinals and their improbable win. Not only were they down in the series, but in game six, they were one strike away from losing the series two times in the same game.

While Texas already had the Champagne chilled and ready to go, the Cardinals didn’t recognize or accept the concept of giving up or losing. This, often is where entrepreneurs fail. They give up too early! It’s unfortunate because, sometimes this is the only difference between success and failure.

Can you picture what would have occurred if Saint Louis had felt that way. Down to their last strike, they could have rolled up accepted their fate and allowed Texas to take home the trophy and have the parade. But as a result of their no quite stance, now they are the champs.

Unless you don’t have the funds to continue, or have major health issues, or something completely catastrophic happen to your business. You just shouldn’t quit.

Why Entrepreneurs Quit Too Soon

In most cases, entrepreneurs quit their business because it isn’t going the way they wanted it to. They face unbelievable stress associated with staffing issues, supplier problems or many other surprises affiliated with starting and running a business. One of the things that can be done to reduce this degree of stress is to create a solid plan.

With a good plan, at least you can mitigate a lot of the challenges that are faced in your business. While, even with a good plan, there will still be a lot of surprises in your business. But the more you are conscious of the risks and plan for them, the easier it will be to deal with them as they come up.

The second thing that can help with the stress of challenges in your business is to become involved with a group or association of people who face similar challenges. You can also find yourself a coach or mentor to counsel you. The great part about a mentor is that they have been through a lot of what you are going through now and can enable you to navigate the rough waters which are before you.

This is no different then what the Cardinals do with their players. They have base coaches, pitching coaches and batting coaches to assist their players to get the best out of every game they play. Invariably these coaches played baseball themselves and have a solid knowledge of how to play the game. A business counselor can do the same thing for you.

The Saint Louis Cardinals Use Metrics To Define Success

If you have ever watched a baseball game or a football game, the one thing you will observe right away is the number of statistics being quoted. Like how often a pitcher has been able to strike out a specific type of batter in a game with a specific amount of runs on the board.

Entrepreneurs need to run their business the same way. As I discussed earlier, it is very important to have a solid business plan. That plan needs to have a clear set of quantifiable goals. After you have those well-defined goals, you should break them down into bite sized daily pieces. This will give you the ability to develop your metrics for your business.

For instance, if you are trying to close $12,000 worth of new business this year, that means you have to close $1,000 worth of new business monthly or about $34.00 worth of new business each day. If you aren’t generating that much business each day, you’ll need to determine what you have to do differently to fix the problem.

Just like the Cardinals, employ your metrics to make your game better. Don’t get flustered when you lose a game, as long as you have resources, talent and good mentors, you’ll have a chance to play again tomorrow.